WTF!! Marc Maron Pushes Gallagher Over the Line

Marc Maron

Here is another king of the podcast circuit, the slightly unbalanced humor of Marc Maron on

I highly recommend this latest interview where Gallagher storms out. Maron becomes quite a bully, or at least dances on that line, as he calls out Gallagher for homophobic jokes. Gallagher is one angry son of a bitch, and just the sound of him going on like this angry old man was cracking me up. Angry old guys are funny to me. But Maron went out for blood, and even though he could have eased up, and gotten even more great material, he decided to bury him, by repeatedly bludgeoning him with “homophobic” jokes until Gallagher stormed off. It was brilliant.

Homophobic is a weird term that I don't think really applies to Gallagher's 7th grade sex comedy lines. I'd like to go back and listen to the exact lines, but I think the essence of Gallagher's jokes were specifically referring to sex acts in a silly way more than in a fearful or hateful way.

I'd like to see another interview where you guys kiss and make up. Heres the link to the interview, and look at all the comments on this suckah!

hey maron
Sammy said he didn't like this one as much as the Chris Rosen song, and also commented that the cursing was an issue. What the fuck?

Sammy, I appreciate that you are considering a curse free format. I would support that. As you suggested here is a curse free, and substantially smoother, shorter and less alcohol fueled…I figure since you are going to have Maron on, I could tone it down a bit.

maron v3

  • Hey Jimmy Reefercake,

    Great to see that image getting some use. When I posted the image and sent it out on twitter I got a reply from Marc Maron which I appreciated.

    Sam and Marc need to bury the hatchet.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    You are a talented artist, my pleasure – I heard Maron is coming on tuesday – that is a must listen!!