Would you like some more tea, Polly Prissy Pants?

Truth be told, I hate these damn media clips. They’re not fun, they feature humorless assholes who you’d rather pretend don’t exist, and if you think about them too much you mostly just want to weep for the future of America. That said…

Cramer seems like a fun guy. He likes being a loud mouth, but you can tell he really craves approval… he wants to be loved, and it kills him to be ridiculed. (Scarborough on the other hand – not so much. His enormous ego gives him all the love he’ll ever need). But these guys have the nerve to sit there and complain about being under the “comedian’s” microscope, when the reality is, Cramer isn’t being ridiculed about being laughably, utterly, terribly wrong about the stock market – it’s because he’s spent the last month carrying on about Obama the , wealth-destroying┬áscourge of American markets. In the clip above, he’s right: everybody, including you, got it wrong when it came to the market. But that just means it’s time to put your tail between your legs and shut the fuck up.

Besides, the Jon Stewart episode was glorious…

While I’m at it, Colbert’s continued send-up of Glenn Beck…

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    We could take a moment to pause and consider that some people really did see this coming. Namely, me, Jimmy Reefercake. A couple years ago, I said stop all 401 K donations and put it to paying the mortgage. Also, guys like Thom Hartmann (of course I was listening to him every day, so I guess he should get the credit).


    A lot of economists as well…but they are not allowed on TV, because you see they would be talking down the market, and everyone who has stake in the market would not want that…

    remember, thinking people, progressives, realists, they are not allowed to go on TV, unless they have a loudmouth conservative pundit there to shout them down.

  • M.Uila

    Just to close the loop…

  • lookie lookie

    js at his finest. kramer is on tonight.


    did you all take a minute away from the ‘Go Orangemen!’ game and watch the smack down last nite?

    Genius! I love Jon!