Wikieaks: Hillary Clinton Thinks Walmart is Essential for Democracy


In the Wikileaks latest batch of Releases, Hillary Clinton in Paid Speech Part 1, her staffers annotated problematic paid speeches. In November 4, 2013, she gave one of her Paid Speeches, to London Drugs.  Here are some uber idiotic things even Donald Trump wouldn’t say

Walmart Essential for Democracy


Indians need Walmart To learn how to Store Grain

In one of the most ignorant, and imbecilic speeches at London Drug in Toronto, in November 2013,Hillary Clinton expresses grief that Walmart can’t impart their wisdom upon the savage Indian on how to store grains.



Of course, this statistic is preposterous.  Research done by the world bank and other agricultural researchers:

According to a World Bank study(1999), post-harvest losses of food grains in India are 7-10 per cent of the total production from farm to market level and 4-5 per cent at market and distribution levelsH. Basavaraja

As for her ridiculous claim that Indians don’t have cold storage?

Read the Time’s of India, who say India has 31,200,000 Tonnes of Cold storage for their grains.