Why I can no longer support Tulsi Gabbard

By Joseph Ballin 7/25/2017 8:12 PM EST


As many of my readers know, I’ve been a staunch defender of Tulsi Gabbard in the past. I defended her from endless attacks from neocons attacking her for visiting Syria to try to bring peace to there. No politician is perfect of course, not even Tulsi or Bernie prior to this vote. However I am staunchly principled in my ideological beliefs. I will not carry water, There are a few issues that I view as unforgivable and pushing war with Iran, Russia, and North Korea. And Tulsi did the unforgivable. She voted for H.R. 3364: Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. She was not the only person to vote for it, every Democrat and every Republican, minus three, voted for the bill. 419-3 Funny how we always hear that bipartisanship in Congress is dead, but bills that matter like this pass with by veto proof votes. A similar bill to this (excluding North Korea sanctions) passed the US Senate, with only Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul voting against it.

When Trump signs this bill into law this week, and he will because it is veto proof, we could be looking at the unraveling of the world order the likes of which. It brings heavy sanctions on Iran, basically killing the Iran deal. Russia is getting hit hard, and so will the EU because they rely on Russian oil. North Korea is already sanctioned into oblivion, but this will hurt the peace talks South Korea is doing with North Korea. Sanctions are an act of war, that is a fact. The oil embargo FDR enacted on the Japanese over the invasion of French Indochina lead directly to Pearl Harbor.

The fact the DemoRAT Party voted in full support, without a single Democrat voting against it, shows their #resistance to Trump is nothing more than a show. After all they had approved his cabinet members. The Republicans and Democrats of the Congress are not opposing Trump, if they really opposed Trump they would have arrested him under charges of war crimes, corruption, the emolument clause, etc. Trump is simply the American empire taking the mask off, that’s why the so called “deep state” “hates” Trump. I expect the #resistance will soon make Jeff Sessions their new champion because Trump will probably fire him for not covering up his crimes well enough. Yet Democrats will ignore all of the awful stuff Sessions did as AG, from police to cannabis policies.

Readers note: I would still vote for Gabbard over MOST Democratic candidates in a presidential primary, but I don’t know if I could vote for her in the general after this vote.



  • Anno

    To be clear Tulsi supports talks with N Korea, to resolve the situation. In her own words:
    “my position regarding having talks with the Assad government and the North Korean government are in fact the same. I believe that if we are going to bring peace to either Syria or North Korea, we need to be ready to talk with their leaders.”

    North Korea has nuclear weapons and has numerous times threatened to use those nuclear weapons against Hawaii and the United States. That’s calling for sanctions at the very least.

  • Peter Like

    Has she explained why she voted for the bill? I guess its hard to be one person against a whole party! You can only imagine the $%&! she would take. Oh sorry, did I spill coffee on your laptop?”

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    She’s still better than your average POS politician. and god damn it, she’s a hottie. I still love Tulsi, but I agree ALL sanctions are disgusting. do we sanction Saudi Arabia for human rights violations? so point taken, yet when Tulsi says “regime change war” i bet your leg tingles.

  • Ellen Hanson

    Rand Paul is the only hope.

    • canucanoe2

      Baaa-hahaha-haaa! Oh………. I’m sorry. I thought you were serious.

  • Juan

    Another one bites the dust 🙁

  • Italicus

    Gabbard’s vote for the new sanctions means that the Democrats as a whole are really the new War Party. Without exception.

    • Bernie didn’t vote for it

      • Italicus

        Bernie as an Independent, no more as a Democrat.

  • Brilliant. Here was my piece for what its worth. http://www.microtopia.org/hr-3364-countering-america-s-enemies-adversaries-through-sanctions-act. I still support her but i’d love to hear her explanation of this one