Who’s Prankin’ Palin?

God love the Canadians…

More on the pranksters:

The well-known radio prankster duo of Audette and Sebastien Trudel have most recently tricked Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger. Other celebrity victims include [Britney] Spears and Bill Gates.

In 2007, they conned Sarkozy himself by impersonating Prime Minister Stephen Harper. And their 2006 call to former French president Jacques Chirac was rated by the BBC as one of the top 30 all-time best moments in radio history.

Known as the “Masked Avengers,” they’ve been popular on the Quebec comedy scene for a decade.

The article states that the Palin team acknowledges the prank and claims to be “mildy amused”. Hat tip to Daily Kos who notes that Palin should never have sat down without preconditions.

* * * Update * * *

The Secret Service gave the radio comedians her phone number.

“We had to go through the Secret Service, the people in her entourage. It’s the biggest coup so far. We’re proud to add (this prank) to our top hits.”