Who is More Evil…Glenn Beck or Glenn Danzig?

First of all facebook is pretty evil. It reduces everyone to quick bites of what is on your mind instead of the full hearty meal that a blog like ATH provides. A facebook status post of “what is on your mind” comes down to a sentences or two at best. The only things that really gain any traction in such a limited format are pop culture references or just randomly funny statements “keep f@cking that chicken”. Or in Dick Vinegar’s case the location and beverage on his weekly summer vacation. But the real danger of facebook is in the lost man hours due to snooping around at pictures of acquaintances and old friends. Clicking…looking…clicking… (allright, I may have spent 1/2 hour writing this blog, but at least I have somehting to show for it for crying out loud!!)

On the other hand for sharing pics and vids of the kiddies facebook is real nice. Facebook also has some cool features, one of which is the ability to create a poll. This is the first one I have put together- Who is More Evil…Glenn Beck or Glenn Danzig?

So far most people agree with me that Glenn Beck is more evil. Please take the poll to ensure the opposition is crushed.

I randomly typed in Glenn Beck is Evil into youtube and here comes this gem below. Notice what an absolute lying hypocrite this guy is!! And what is more evil than pure hypocrisy?

Then you have Glenn Danzig. Outwardly evil, sure, he is a bit violent in the typical macho-man mold, and sure, his songs refer sex, and even….Satan? Check out the clip below…it begins with a hilarious account of Danzig’s grocery list…and ends with the famous clip of him getting knocked out while arguing with a roadie at a show. The grocery list is just a bonus here.

Lets give Danzig one more chance to beat out Beck for the evil crown. Check out this super evil spooky danzig interview-

And here are some really drunk Danzig fans.

We’ve seen a lot about Glenn Beck fans in the previous post on the 9-12 march. The scary thing about Glenn Beck fans is I do not believe they are drunk.

So tell me my friends…Who is More Evil…Glenn Beck or Glenn Danzig?

  • M.Uila

    Nice clips, Jimmy! The close up on the chiclets in that last guy’s mouth was scarier than anything either of the two Glenn’s could cook up.

  • Madman

    A mighty and powerful miracle…shrek2 on dvd

  • Madman

    to the funky Beck…eaaavery time we see him

    I’m in a bad down condition now boy, cause I’m alone down here
    (in Beck country)

  • Jack Assbeck

    pay close attention to trey’s head motion….the circling snake…or insane weasel? I heard jimmy reefercake can play like that.

  • Madman

    Reefercake can do the insane weasel better than any man

  • M.Uila

    Here’s Beck’s original teevee appearance

    Or is that Fatty McGee?

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    did anyone vote in the poll…not sure it is working….DAMN YOU FACEBOOK…

    well, what we really need at ATH is the poll on the sidebar…we NEEDS IT LIKE A RAT NEEDS CHEEEEESSE!!!