What’s our option?

The health care negotiations are a truly sad spectacle.  As the kabuki theater in the senate winds down, it’s worth remembering a few things:

  • With only 40 votes, there is no threat of a republican filibuster
  • A bill without a public option is a crappy bill
  • The “public option” is not even a true progressive policy – it is merely a compromise to single-payer
  • Democrats are corporate whores

It’s fascinating to watch the political dysfunction unfold these days.  Democrats propose bills chock full of republican policy ideas (individual insurance mandates, cap and trade, etc) only to get zero republican votes in return.  So why keep trying to pass this garbage?

It’s because they want to.  The mask is coming off.  Corporate whores.

Matt Taibbi has more.

I’m personally of the opinion that our main problem lay with the fact that the Democratic Party as currently constituted is more afraid of losing the financial support of Wall Street and the health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry than it is of losing progressive voters. In fact, I think I’ve put that wrong, because it implies that the Democratic Party pushes the agenda of industry insiders out of fear. That is a misread of the situation, I think.


Reid pulls the trigger, sez whiny bitches can opt-out…

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Hillary Clinton is a big fat whore got Randi RHodes fired, but here at ATH we stand for calling a whore a whore.

    ANother spin is that we are going to get the Pubic option. healthcare with crabs.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    just a comment on how things are playing out… lets keep in mind that the political media is really all about drama. so they have been hyping this public option battle just to get ratings…remember how they hyped the hillary-obama battle even when we knoew it was over…could this be de ja vu? I smell a rat, again, and the tv news machine is always full of shit, every last one of those jackass pundits on MSNBC, who so confidently proclaimed the public option was dead, these bastards were just repeating gossip, amplifying it, pretending it was fact. lawrence odonell, that other “democratic strategist” with brown hair. fuck you assholes, i knew it all along.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Right on topic, I just heard this nightmare – Woman was dropped from health insurance plan because she was raped. Just another big profit day for health insurance in the USA.


  • Pinko

    So apparently Reid will go for a public option that only covers people without insurance and allows states to opt out after 1 year. Not exactly robust…I don’t trust this guy and what he is doing behind the scenes. Harry! Harry! Where do you go when the lights go out?

    But onto the real reason for this comment…to make public a different kind of option. Jimmy and Monkey Woman have the option to see the above band in Portland (by themselves) or with me and Madman in Albany. Did I mention Chewy and Minna are in Albany that weekend too? And I know Jimmy’s motto is “every night is a saturday night” but Albany truly is a saturday night while the morning after Portland you have to go to work all hungover. Muila maybe you can put in a good work for Albany….I mean, it’s the capital city for crying out loud! And if you put all the capital cities in alphabetical order, Albany would probably be first! Need I say more?

  • M.Uila

    Look at that u-tube! It’s friggin huuuuge!

    Albany is a fine location for concerts, provided we are talking about the Knick. Deadheads took over downtown for days on end in 1993, can phish heads answer the call?

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    methinks uila should make the trip to albany.

    reefercake has been having waaayyy to much fun lately….and when the money’s all gone, then whats jimmy to do?

  • M.Uila