What about the birds?

All this hub-bub about how noone was seriously hurt or killed when that U.S. Airways plane crash landed in the Hudson, but noone seems to care about how many birds were killed. What hypocrisy!

  • M.Uila

    Birds – a likely story! I eagerly await the rise of the 9/11 style internet conspiracy theories.

    “They said it was birds… but where are the wings??… where are the wings???”

  • Pinko

    You should see the outrage in Canada. Of course, if they were America Geese this would be a national tragedy.

    A tribute to those innocent lives lost….

    Are we going to see them get the band back together?

  • M.Uila

    Do it, I’m in for both nights!

  • Monkey Woman


  • Pinko

    Aaaahhh. I’m getting too old for this stuff. I thought about this twice this morning and then a third time when it was too late. Meeting with our contractor and hockey practice distracted me. Anyone happen to send in a request for 6/5 or 6/6? Actually our credit card is maxed out with building supply purchases so I don’t even know if I could have made a request.

    I guess I’ll try my luck with ticketmaster.