Welcome to America

Just wanted to highlight this story of another of our best and brightest protecting the homeland

TAMPA — A Marine reservist armed with a tire iron beat and chased a man he thought was an Arab terrorist and even called 911 to say he was detaining the man, police said.

But the man he assaulted was actually a Greek Orthodox priest visiting from overseas who spoke limited English, police said.

[…] Marakis apparently got lost and exited northbound Interstate 275 into downtown Tampa, police said.

The priest followed several cars into the Seaport Channelside Apartments on Twiggs Street. He got out of his car and asked Bruce for help.

Instead of offering help, Bruce struck the priest on the head with a tire iron, police said.

He then chased the priest for three blocks to the Madison Avenue and Meridian Avenue, police said, and even called 911 to say that an Arabic man tried to rob him.

Bruce said he was going to take the Arab into custody. When police arrived, Bruce told them the victim was a terrorist.

Sadly, I suspect this story is only newsworthy because the victim turned out to be a priest.  How many guatemalans do you suppose get clubbed in Florida on a daily basis as part of the Great Xenophobia?  I guess the main difference there is that (1) immigrants are smart enough not to ask Bubba for directions, and (2) Bubba doesn’t usually call 911 afterward.