We Retort, You Decide

Look, it’s a major news anchor with a soul!

Sadly, the state of our public discourse on torture is so morally bankrupt, that I had to watch this twice to make sure Smith’s outburst was one of disgust for all the moral equivalence at his table, and not because he was in deep denial about the revelations. Nicely done, Shep!

Could this be a “Nixon goes to China” moment, when all the gasbags take stock of themselves and quit parroting the Cheney defense with a straight face?  Or is this the beginning of the end for Shep? All we know for sure is that the torture investigation ball is rolling down hill now and picking up steam. 

Josh Marshall makes the observation that the GOP has become a “Junta Party” in the aftermath of a democratic revolution, whose sole purpose is to defend the previous regime’s barbarous activities. Their latest tactic – to argue that the intelligence obtained from torture was good – is a stunning admission of guilt, and worlds away from Bush’s gutless assertion that “we don’t torture”.

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It’s hard not be disgusted by Peggy Noonan’s wistfull desire to “just keep walking”.  When I see/hear vapid commentary like that, here is how I feel:

To get back to Cheney’s recent claim that there are super-secret unreleased memos that vindicate their actions, this is obfuscation at its finest.  Here’s a great rebuttal from a former FBI interrogator in yesterday’s NYTimes. (I would quote it, but the whole thing deserves to be read. Bottom line – Cheney lies.)

Seems to me the torture apologists are trying to turn this into a debate along the lines of the bombing of Hiroshima – “horrible thing, that – but just had to be done you know…”  Given how atrocious nuclear bombs are in comparison to the torture of a few brown-skin foreigners, and how little collective regret we have as a society over dropping not one, but TWO on Japanese civilian populations, I fear it is an argument that some silver-tongued scum can make.  For now, we all have to be more like Lawrence O’Donnell and call out these Richie Cunningham maggots every chance we get:

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P.S. Where have all my fellow Hypocrites gone? Did we break the Publish button? The news has been rife with hypocrisy lately, I almost can’t even begin to tackle it!

  • Madman

    Brilliance…Uila is back!

  • Pinko

    What would your mama think Peggy No? My grandmother, Peggy Noonan, must be rolling over in her grave right now. That association makes me ill the way Cornell alum Coulter makes me ill. Now that Larry O’Donnell is a fine lad who me don’t mind havin’ around to represent the Irish. Thanks for bringing that wee bit of hypocrisy to light McUila.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Having just looked at the prisoners, I could tell by the pure evil in their eyes and the length of their beards that they must be tortured. Thats just dungeons and dragons 101. These guys are like level 20 assasin-theif killers, chaotic evil. They are some sort to super terror beast. Everyone knows super terror beasts need to be tortured. How else can you get them to tell you where the secret weapons are? Duh. I am a level 5 fighter cleric. Lawful good.

  • M.Uila

    Looks like I was right about the nuclear bomb equivalence. Michael Gerson in the Washington Fucking Post:

    Historically, did America ever give such exhaustive consideration to the consequences of its actions in safeguarding the homeland? To the rights of children incinerated during the firebombing of Dresden? To the long-term mental and physical health of the elderly of Hiroshima? Even the most questionable techniques employed in the war on terror bear no comparison to methods common in past American wars.

    Pretty sad when they have to go there.

    The socialist revolution can’t come soon enough, then we can drive all these fools off to Martha’s Vineyard, or wherever the hell our version of Taiwan is.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Incredibly stupid while sounding intelligent. When will the Obama truth goon squad that Limbo warned us about please round up these assholes and throw them in jail…please!