WaPo: Your Propaganda Here!

The Washington Post is an honest and neutral observer of current events.

For $25,000 to $250,000, The Washington Post is offering lobbyists and association executives off-the-record, nonconfrontational access to “those powerful few” — Obama administration officials, members of Congress, and the paper’s own reporters and editors.

The astonishing offer is detailed in a flier circulated Wednesday to a health care lobbyist, who provided it to a reporter because the lobbyist said he feels it’s a conflict for the paper to charge for access to, as the flier says, its “health care reporting and editorial staff.”

Clearly the newspapers must be saved!  Whatever will we do without them? 

This is the same paper that recently fired it’s one non-conservative columnist, Dan Froomkin, for no apparent reason, other than doing what journalists are supposed to do, which is to expose the lies and hypocrisy of powerful people.

Maybe the reefer lobby can get a few bites out of this apple before it totally rots away.  Who’s got a spare dollar for some propa-ganja, please?


Apparently it was all a big misunderstanding!

The flier circulated this morning came out of a business division for conferences and events, and the newsroom was unaware of such communication. It went out before it was properly vetted, and this draft does not represent what the company’s vision for these dinners are, which is meant to be an independent, policy-oriented event for newsmakers. As written, the newsroom could not participate in an event like this.

We do believe there is an opportunity to have a conferences and events business, and that The Post should be leading these conversations in Washington, big or small, while maintaining journalistic integrity. 

The newsroom will participate where appropriate.

Media whoring at its finest!

  • Madman

    fuckin froomkin…why can’t he just leave us alone

  • M.Uila

    More from Marcy on Pay2Play

    Apparently, the woman now running the WaPo sees no difference between an event in her living room targeted to the biggest policy fight of the year, and more general exchanges of ideas. Apparently, she also thinks that if ideologically driven papers like the WSJ hold such events, so can she–even while invoking journalistic integrity with her next breath. Apparently she thinks that because Larry Summers–a chief target of those decrying beltway influence peddling–demands an off-the-record chat, it’s okay for her to offer it up as well.

    Apparently, the WaPo’s publisher thinks that an “everyone does it” defense makes her own efforts to peddle influence okay.

  • M.Uila

    HA! Digby…

    just curious about one other little matter: who in the allegedly anti-lobbyist White House agreed to this? And did whoever it was think it might be important to include some non-industry representatives, who can’t afford to pay 25k to eat some stale canapes with wealthy villagers at this intellectual salon where all the “people who will get it done” were gathering? But then perhaps that would be inappropriate. After all, if you have the media, the titans of industry and the White House all under one roof it would be unseemly to allow any dirty hippies in the door. They could light up a fattie right there in the drawing room and start singing “I want to fuck you like an animal” to Ceci Connolly.

    And anyway, they are clearly irrelevant to the process. As are the citizens.