Voluntary Regulation

This is a really long one, but if you have the time and are interested in the current state of water quality, check out this frontline clip:
Poisoned Waters
Bottom line, it may have been 36 years since creation of the EPA, but in that time we’ve only had two administrations interested in doing anything substantive toward sustainability (‘voluntary regulation’ is the common buzzword throughout each Republican administration), and Bill was pretty much Republican Lite. We’ve done a lot with respect to municipal waste, and are now considering the possible impacts of things we can barely measure like endocrine disruptors, while any industry with some clout hasn’t done a damn thing. So fish keep going belly up with regularity, and while over-fishing is a problem the health of aquatic life in many places is very bleak due to poor waste management practices. Happy belated Earth Day!

  • Ted Clemens

    I hate shit! I shit when I found out it was shit! Gums up the soles of my boots! All that goddamn chicken shit flowing into the Chesapeake! E.Coli through the roof I tell ya! Somebody needs to tell those Perdue farmers their business! BNR has been around longer than me for chrissake!

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    frontline episode is outstanding. someone record that shit!

  • Pinko

    So I decided to show Poisoned Waters to my 8th graders as a part of our water resources project. Just when you think you have meticulously screened the video for any inappropriate content, up pops “B.J. Cummings” from the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition in Seattle. I wonder what her night job entails? Let’s just say more than one of my students whispered, “that’s what sheeeee said”.

    That phrase has trickled all the way down to the 6th grade by the way. It won’t be long before it makes the jump to elementary school. Parents consider yourselves warned.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    hey another one for the kids, this shit will blow yor mind


    it is part of a post called genetic hypocrisy, that I would write someday, but the point is these dumbases who are happy to let freaks play with the genes of plants but when it comes to stem cell they cry like babies