Virgil Goode: Totally Insane

totally-insane-04 click here to listen or right click to download song

Take a deep breath everyone. The crazies are back, but I am going to be cautiously optimistic, that they won't be quite as crazy as the last round, in the golden era of war mongering. I'm looking forward to a level of hypocrisy that has a touch less insanity.

I'm looking forward to an era, where they still say crazy things, but perhaps act more rationally? Remember – CRAZY republicans loose, except Paul LePage in Maine, but the guy was homeless as a teen, so it doesn't count, give him a chance, in other news, BLUE DOG Dems Lose

Oh well, here is something positive – Sam Seder is back on the air at

Also, a friend of mine asked me to write a song for Sammy, based on an all time classic republican asshole and hypocrite, Virgil Goode. Don't say it like good, it is pronounced more like goo…or poo.

Reminding me again that Gollum does vote republican.

This guy, hereyah, is one piece of work. In a 4 day marathon hereyah. Say Hereyah! Say Chowdah!! Glad to say Virgil is no longer hereyah in the US House of Representatives.

Here's the short version of the song-

click here to listen or right click to download the song