So Al is on the verge of pulling ahead in the recount.  This link has the up-to-the-minute minutia of all the ballot challenging madness.  As of late tonight Coleman leads by 5.  He seems to have had more spurious challenges than Franken, so the expectation is that this thing will swing tomorrow.

I hate to say, but this process is farcical.  Maybe the fact that Coleman is about to go down for corruption will make the end result easier to swallow for partisan Minnesotans.  Disappointing as the Georgia Senate runoff result was, at least you come away with a clear result.  When the final difference in votes is less than 0.005%, which is where this thing is headed, maybe its time to declare “renege” and shuffle up again. Disappearing ballots, re-appearing ballots, unopened absentee envelopes… I wouldn’t have confidence if this were a county clerk’s election, much less a US Senator.

So really, the question comes down to: how far will Coleman go to keep this thing alive?  How many lawsuits, how many appeals?  Will he have to dip into his wife’s Blo & Go money?  For a possible preview of things to come, read how another grasping incumbent scrambles to keep the dream alive… interestingly enough to readers of this blog, the man’s name is Scarborough, he’s a state rep from Charleston, SC… and he’s your basic trust fund scumbag, cheating on his wife and shooting at utility workers.  Southern Gothic at its finest!

  • retarded monkey woman

    YEAH, GO AL!


  • Madman

    Great post…the only thing that’s crazy to me about this recount process is the fact that its not illegal to file a suit that essentially says they should stop counting the votes because a candidate doesn’t like previously established state laws by which the recount is conducted. I think its been great to see this recount conducted, unlike Florida. You each dispute some ballots, you throw out the absentee voters that can’t follow a few simple instructions, and then see where your at. if you win by one vote, you win and its over. Each camp gets one chance to dispute, the elections officials review, and its over. Very simple.