Two parts realism, one part optimism, with a dash of "F*** You!"

Take a heavy dose of realism about the national scene. Unless Texas and Oklahoma start forming their own countries, why bang your head about Obama-this and Obama-that. The media wants to obsess on Obama because it suits their needs. Who the hell knows what degree of compromise is needed to appease the monkey brain of this country, but I know that it will never be satisfactory to us, like minded progressive, hypocrisy haters. Why even speculate when the results are often so easily predictable?

Take another dose of realism about our media brigade…we at the Reefercake household are taking the plunge and cancelling the cable TV…I am embarrassed to say that we were paying $120 a month to be force fed vomit. We are keeping our internet which is $60, and we are going to squeeze as much goodness out of those tubes as we possibly can…I am even looking into streaming sports online…or spending the extra $120 on a special chicken wings and beer fund for watching sports at the bar.

Here is one part optimism. You are more likely to find the positive change that you seek closer to home, friends, family, local politics, helping the little old lady next door, volunteering to coach your kids soccer team, or running a kick ass blog that shreds through the hypocrisy to present the real. Be the change you want to see.

And a dash of “F*** You!” Just because I am keeping it real doesn't mean I don't still hate hypocrisy, and still enjoy ridiculing it and exposing it with great contempt. Damn those hypocrites!!

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