Totally Wasted

Mother Jones has a great new issue out devoted to the War on Drugs. Every article so far has been money. Check it out!

But then, the drug war has never been about facts—about, dare we say, soberly weighing which policies might alleviate suffering, save taxpayers money, rob the cartels of revenue. Instead, we’ve been stuck in a cycle of prohibition, failure, and counterfactual claims of success. (To wit: Since 1998, the ONDCP has spent $1.4 billion on youth anti-pot ads. It also spent $43 million to study their effectiveness. When the study found that kids who’ve seen the ads are more likely to smoke pot, the ONDCP buried the evidence, choosing to spend hundreds of millions more on the counterproductive ads.)

I also went ahead and threw up some new Rec List headings at right, since Reefercake signaled approval.  I don’t mean to dominate that column, and hope that fellow editors feel free to post their recommended links too.  I originally conceived of it as being a revolving set of links with old stuff falling off, but now that it’s grown long I kind of like that too.

At any rate, here is the full lineup of articles from MoJo:

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    what a great piece of info…wouldn’t be the first time the government studied somthing then ignored or buried the results, climate change, drugs, food additives, going to war, etc. friggin hypocrites!

    by the way I was marking jibberish as spam, and whattaya know, I accidently marked that dude boz scaggs as spam and poof! all those comments are gone! i never did like that guy anyway….although when it comes to smooth music he is boss.

  • M.Uila

    Reefercake, you’re like a bull in a china shop… that’s hungry for reefercakes… but they only sell spam… and china… and the owner has a Palin/Sanford 2012 sign in the window.

    Scaggs has been rehabilitated.

  • Madman

    The patriot’s guide to legalization is a nice crisp summary of how rational people view the subject these days. I like the contention that even if you think the worst case health impacts of pot smoking are true, they would still be offset by the health benefits of reduced alcohol consumption, with some actual stats to back it up.
    Plus the cost savings to taxpayers quantified!!! 13 billion/year straight savings and another $7 billion in increased tax revenue. With all the talk about the cost of providing healthcare, which is often put into a 10 year cost (though not always reported as such, which is pathetic reporting), that ~220 billion over 10 years could help out! About 25% of the cost of the latest plan.