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  • Madman

    times like these, the ‘greed over people’ party shows their true colors. tornado devasted your life? we feel bad for you, but you’re on your own, good luck

  • Madman

    like the eery riff…good vibe for the theme

  • retarded monkey woman

    this song has been echoing in my head ever since I first heard it. astounding.

  • M.Uila


    As a side note, that’s gotta be the first ever “pingback” on this site, don’t you think?

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    is pingback a good thing?

  • Madman

    heard the sammy cast of tornadoes…’does the reefercake listed to majority fm’? dude how many news stories need to be referenced in one song? thought that was a bit over the top. madman liked the song…very ‘twisted’

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    When I first started trying to get him to play my songs, Sammy once said “I’m not into lyric driven music” so suffice it to say, if I don’t hit an absolute home run he’ll shit on the song. I think the lyrics rock, and his critique is bullshit.

    thats ok, I know “same old crap” and “call you mama cause obama got osama” are pure gold because even Sammy couldn’t shit on them.