Top 10 ATH Pages for 2012

There is still a few weeks to go, so the numbers could change, but here are the top pages for 2012 at this moment. Take a look at all the awesomeness in entertainment and ranting that we provide here at all the hypocrisy dot com.

1-This 2009 Uila classic still tops the books. Now its 3 years later and we have states where recreational use is legal. Winning.

2-This instant Reefercake classic was about the 2012 presidential debates.

3-Another instant classic was my response to the Costas comments on guns.

4-The “about” page has also seen a lot of action, this hasn’t been edited since the ATH inception….so it could use some updating..

5-2012 Obama Election song

6-This was when I retired from the Sam Seder show….I guess I came back out of retirement since then! This reminds me that I owe Sam Seder a phone call although I sort of dread getting dragged into the weeds of another libertarian vs liberal debate. How about we legalize weed first then we can see how that changes the playing field?

7-Reasons to Buy the Album scoring high…so I guess the album sales are just around the corner.

8-This is A personal favorite, MITT ROMNEY GOT A LOBOTOMY. I was glad to see it in the top ten.

9-An interesting category choice “Democratic Morons” makes it in!

10. Drum Roll please….OH MY GOODNESS!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN we have a tie between the two categories!