Today (Ferguson, Missouri)

Today, Today, the police state grows today,
They shot Micheal Brown down, in Ferguson Missouri,
My progressive, liberal, and libertarian friends,
MUST work together, to make this CRAP end,
and Today, Today, this police state must end today.

These tears are real, hand me a tissue,
yet you still to complain, that weed is my pet issue,
prohibition gives police a way to harass,
something as common as just smoking grass.
in Colorado with safe and legal mary jane,
we see drop in violent crime, a drop in the pain,
a boost in tax dollars, talkin let it rain,
but the hypocrites are always sure to complain,
they complain about the dangers of selling legal weed,
just like people complained when the slaves were all freed,

yeah, today, stop this police state today

When police walk the streets with malice and hate,
the violence is guaranteed to escalate.
Like the night at the bar with the fake ID,
That cop didn’t take to kindly to me,
We are all afraid, we know the cops don’t play,
thats why at the Phish concert I ran away,
my buddy uila got busted out in Roanoke,
while I was hanging with him trying to get a smoke,
Its was the stuff from down on Seton street,
Down in DC me and puff daddy would meet,
He’d have 10 nickelbags of shitty brick weed,
For the next couple weeks probably what I’d need,
Its the law of numbers, I guarantee,
the city dealers end up in penitentiary,
A police state we live in where justice is sold,
I say legalize it now, before we all get old!

Today, Today, this police state must end, Today.

Today (Ferguson version)