“No Drama Obama got Osama” Pre-release Party

Why make Thursdays the day when I hold a pre-release party, right here at all the hypocrisy dot com? First and foremost, the pre-release forces me to get the song out, so I stop tinkering. There is only so much tinkering that ever amounts to anything, like Bill O’Reilly says, “fuck it, I’ll do it live!!!”

Besides, this gets it out of the way, and perhaps gives folks a little reward for checking out this web site. We still look forward in great anticipation of Sammy’s favorable review on the show tomorrow at majority.fm

Here is this week’s song

quick song no drama obama got osama

lyrics to “No Drama Obama got Osama”

The goal is keeping terrorism calmer,
So there wasn’t no drama when obama got osama,
But when you celebrate, don’t do it with hate,
Do it ‘cause you think the USA is great.

Party down with some beer or marijuana,
There wasn’t no drama, when obama got osama,
Right wing wants more gore, left wing wants a trial,
President Obama staying cool all the while,

The goal is keeping terrorism calmer,
So there wasn’t no drama when obama got osama,
So I’m tweeting this out to all you tweet twiddly doos
Shout out to all my followers, Cat chew, look atchoo

avant, kyleshank, alex, longshoremaniam,
gottalaff, ayejonny of course majority dot FM,
don’t you all mind me smoking weed like a chimney.
you don’t got to smoke nothing just enjoy yourself some jimmy,

also features a bonus round, where I delve into Return of the Jedi scenes of celebrating ewoks as well as the apparition of Annikan…who is in fact Darth Vader…there are lessons to be learned.

written and produced by Jimmy Reefercake
M. Uila on the Bass

feel free to use the song in your radio shows, podcasts and videos, as long as you give credit, including a reference to this site which is the source of the mp3 file…. allthehypocrisy.com


  • Jimmy Reefercake

    hey, um, maybe someone could leave a comment or something…gulp…its been a while….comments are nice….

  • Cat Chew

    Oh! I’m touched. 🙂

  • Cat Chew

    And I’m glad you got the (previously) armed bears (Ewoks) into the bonus time segment.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    My goodness, you are right, those ewoks are little cuddly armed bears. It all connects!

  • Jimmy Reefercake

  • OLinda Denver

    Hi Jimmy! Just stopped by to say hi. Nice song. I still think an OLinda/Matt Binda’ rhyme works. 🙂 Still thinking. I guess today starts a new news week, so I’m waiting to see what happens for song ideas. Hope there’s some good songworthy events.

    • Jimmy Reefercake

      yessah! lindah and matt bindah! thats a maine accent right there so that’ll be no problem here….say chowdah!

  • OLinda Denver

    It’s another week and it’s been rainin’
    and old man Sam is still complainin’
    What can make Sam happy
    besides a baseball game with his pappy?

    Here’s a song of the good news this week
    and most news is pretty bleak…
    So it’s a short song, not a long song…

    • Jimmy Reefercake

      yes!! very helpful indeed!

      sammy’s gonna hate the song that I just sang,
      i am the positive ying to his negative yang.

      • OLinda Denver

        🙂 Have a great weekend, Jimmy!