Three Legged Dog

3 legged dog, two legged cat,
On the side of road, having sex
How about that?

This is Jimmy reefercake, you listen up son,
All I do every Friday is hit a home run.
Drank 8 vodka tonics, ate bottle of tums,
Criticize my guitar, but don’t knock the drums,

Governor of texas, ricky perry
Dumber than W, kind of scary.
Tea Party savior, save ‘em from Bachmann
Praise the lord he has a cock, man

Rick Perry says social security is a disease,
He’d rather keep all them Serfs on their knees,
So they stay desperate, waiting for the next meal,
By the way, when is Reefercake’s big record deal?

Shave that dog and teach it to hunt!!

Three Legged Dog