This isn’t just getting pissed off for applause!!

“Even if you don’t win you will scare the shit out of your opponent.”

These are the kind of words that could get a guy like Jimmy Reefercake to run for govnah!

  • M.Uila


    It’s a fine clip, truly. One might even feature it prominently on one’s campaign website, were one to run for some elected office!

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    this clip could make a man laugh and cry into the wee hours of the morning. oh crazy fucked up world, what the fuck?>!?!?

  • Pinko

    and this could be one’s campaign theme song….

    Sorry I am hooked again. Albany was a barnburner. This opener set the tone for the entire evening. I still have the warm glow I left the show with and I have been ignoring hypocrisy and the world’s evils since. I mean, who needs health care when we have the healing power of phish? This Tiger Woods drama is much more captivating than bank scandals. In fact I think I now know what it is like to be a republican. “I just go on an oblivious fool….”

  • Jack Assbeck

    pinko the hypocrisy may be evil, but in its mockery we can find great joy and comfort. here i sit in a pittsburgh best western, the managers special is 3 free drinks, and wouldn’t you know there’s a kiss concert in town….the balls to take a picture i wish i had.