They Work While You Sleep

The bald headed VP said it 5 times during the meeting. Literally 5 times. He wants to outsource our engineering.

“The Indian bridge engineers will work while we are sleeping.”

This ass-clown in his fancy suit seems to think that this is a big advantage. The fact that this conflicts with their policy of keeping standard 8 am to 5 pm hours in the office at all time, must not have occured to this frantic self obsessed monster. This is also an obvious cost savings- what an advantage! with all this new american transportation money, let’s save a little & not hire the american worker (who would totally learn and then sell our technology- evil usa!).

“You see, if we hired an American company, they would surely steal our company secrets. But we trust the Indians because they signed the no compete claus.”

Why outsource the bridge engineering? Because they will take the liability if the bridge falls down. Chase them down in India.

In his mind, dick face bald headed VP, using the Indian workers bolstered his reputation as, slam it to em Sammy Saberfuk. Sammy made no mistake, if you cut employees, and intimidate them into a corner, eventually, the fear will drive them into productivity.