“These Glutes are Made for Walkin'”

Now for something completely different. In keeping with the need for puns in titles, and as a follow-up on our teen sex discussion, DAMN, you should have seen my glutes in high school…. And the spelling of glutes…who cares!!?? By the way it just so happens I am on a quest to get my high school glutes back…I am on day two of the hoodia gordoni plan….I guess it is pretty gay for a man to talk about his glutes in such a way…perhaps this video can remediate the gayness.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    12 oz Miller lite….96 calories
    12 oz guinness……….125 calories!!!!

    hooray for guinness!!


    ps. 12 oz shipyard prelude…….185 calories?!?!? BOOO!!

  • Pinky

    I first watched this with the sound off and thought that it was video of Jimmy’s ballsack.

  • Madman

    I hate to do this, but this reminds me of the following factoids: the average american consumes 1,200 to 1,700 excess calories…on the high end that means 7.6% of the total energy in the US is used to grow American fat! (source – Mother Jones) Who says we don’t make anything anymore?

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    dude that is so sick! i am trying to limit myself to 2000 calories…..so having 5 preludes is not going to happen any time soon….thats half the calories for the day!! here’s to the the guinii and the millahs!!