The Week in Song with Jimmy Reefercake

I have to tell you all that this week the Reefercake is burning the J at both ends…in other words I am “straight up” with work, and a bunch of other crap. But I am looking forward to seeing some old friends on an upcoming trip, so I should quit my complaining. Not only that, I had a chance to catch some of the Majority Report IM session today and the masses of IMers started demanding that I have a weekly song that rounds up the news. Sammy set some ground rules…90 seconds, and I can only mention my name, “Jimmy Reefercake” once per 60 seconds. So I guess I could say Jimmy twice and Reefercake once, if my calculations are correct.

Anyhow, I said I was up to the challenge…sounds like we will be rolling withing a month or so.