The Usefulness in Tolerating Hypocrisy

I was thinking about the utter failure of our government that seems to have steadily gotten worse throughout my life…pointless wars, unfair taxes, need I say any more? What is the best strategy for change?  Lets begin with one of those SAT, what do you call ’ems….

Green Party is to the Democratic Party as Blank is to the Republican Party

The blank is Libertarian, right? Greens and Dems agree on most stuff, but the Greens try to cleanse themselves of hypocrisy.  Repubs and Libertarians agree on a lot, but again, the libertarians try to go light on the hypocrisy.

Ron Paul is in the Republican party, because he can handle some hypocrisy, and he is smart enough to know that it is a bigger stage.  However, presidential candidate Jill Stein is in the Green party. On the issues I agree with Jill and the Green Party 100%. But I wonder about the strategy. Are you allowed to run in the Democratic party and still call yourself a Green?

Finally, lets do the math….Libertarians and Greens agree, legalize Marijuana….but it still hasn’t happened. So the only way to change is to work with the establishment parties. Its going to suck to have to co-exist with the hypocrisy, but sometimes you need to wade into to the muck in order to get your clams.