The TPP is not for me?

No, its not a jobs bill, it won’t help us compete with China and it won’t reduce the trade deficit. As Joseph Stiglitz notes during his great interview with Democracy Now this week, the administration’s hypocrisy selling this abomination is boundless.  The TPP is of, by, and for the corporate oligarchy and it will make things much worse for working class Americans…check out the interview, great stuff

Joseph Stiglitz, Democracy Now 10-15


  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Ask and ye shall receive! now we got ourselves two bloggers! great point, Joe 30, and a reminder that this TPP is certainly not for you or me. Its another big government rip off scam- more fuel for the fire for the libertarians and the disenchanted lefties.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    just hear on Thom Hartmann that Racheal Maddow did not mention a word of the TPP in the MSNBC “Democratic Forum” because she is forbidden from doing so.