The Sam Seder Experience

I really enjoyed listening to my final Casual Friday on Majority FM. I enjoyed the entire experience very much, but its been a whole year, and I need to try interacting with more shows. I also need to work on getting the second album together. I need to try to sell albums, because if I can’t sell any then the second album will surely be the last. I need to start my own podcast, and see if I can get it on the radio. Time to get in the game. I don’t have the time in my schedule to do it all, so I needed to take the weekly song off of my plate. The important thing is that I did it for a year straight. Who else is in my league?

Sam Seder once referred to himself as a “professional comedic insulter”. I will leave him with some points on how to improve his quest to develop the ultimate argument verses a libertarian. Consider these tips on “How to Debate a Libertarian”.

1. Be specific. You don’t just enter into an argument with the goal of proving that libertarianism itself is childish or stupid.

2. Attack the hypocrisy, not the philosophy

That is all, for more details listen to my podcast with my golf buddy, and a fellow Majority Report listener, “Madman”, for a special May Day Majority report recap edition:

The Way Life Should Be Podcast 5-1-2012