The Pundit Bunch

Hey everybody, there’s a civil war breaking out in war Iraq! you know what that means! lets get out the hypocrisy meter and welcome that same old crew of pundits! Ladies and gentlemen, its the Pundit bunch,

its the story of right wing pundits,
they helped start these very deadly wars,
on TV trotting out the same old liars,
spewing out the same crap as before,

its a story of the war on terror
they sell it just like the war on drugs,
justifying torture, surging, and all sorts of ways to act like thugs,

until the one day when these pundits have no platform,
but they get airtime for a reason, thats my hunch,
propaganda for the police state fascists pigs,
thats the way they all became the pundit bunch,

The pundit bunch, the pundit bunch,
its the same old right wing pundit bunch!
The Pundit Bunch (11 year Iraq war)

  • glenn_uk

    Good stuff Jimmy! Keep it up dude – always like hearing you on TMR.

    • Jimmy Reefercake

      thanks buddy! always nice to get some comments from real fans!