The Original Hypocrite: Ronald Reagan

God bless him. The mere mention of the Ronald Reagan in Republican circles as the “Great Leader”, brings cheers, nods of agreement, and even tears of joy, but I contend that this man belongs in the Hypocrisy hall of fame. Handsome as can be, back in his younger days, he was Sara Palin without the lipstick. And the powers that he served, the health insurance companies, got their way with his help, because of fear-mongering about “socialized medicine” and the lack of choice that it would bring. Indeed the “evil government” would take over the entire industry, eventually forcing the doctors to form Abu Gharib-like body piles, if they dare to give us the care we need. Contrast this with the plethora of options available with the freedom fighting private health insurance companies.

And as we witness economic calamity, some still insist for more Reagonomics and they continue the fear-mongering about socialized medicine. Nevermind how many of those foreclosures were due to folks who got screwed by their health insurace companies.

That is just the price of freedom.