The O’Franken Factor

Franken pulled me in to Air America. I know ‘some people’ found his show kinda corny but I loved it. For that reason and because I think he’ll do some good in Congress, I’m really hoping he comes out on top. Anyone else looking for some decent analysis on his prospects, check out this research. Synopsis: history says he has a great chance to make up the ~200 vote deficit, but just barely.

* * * Uila Update * * *

A 200 vote difference is statistical insanity. Though I suspect the insanity is only just beginning

The recount in the Minnesota Senate race hasn’t even begun yet, but already the GOP is working to delegitimize it in advance, by smearing the man who will run it as a partisan Democrat.

[…] the GOP gambit […] appears to be to cast public doubt on the integrity of the recount process, thereby bolstering Coleman’s claim that’s he’s the rightful winner and that a recount is unnecessary — just the strategy pursued by George Bush’s campaign in Florida in 2000.

Indeed, Coleman’s shrinking lead in the first count has already prompted him to try to question the ongoing vote counting. A lawyer for the campaign yesterday told The Politico: “We’re not going to sit idly by, while mysterious, statistically dubious changes in vote totals take place after official government offices close.”

  • M.Uila

    I’m hopeful for Franken too. Plus, I think we all need some psychic retribution for the Florida 2000 debacle. It helps that Coleman seems to be a corrupt bastard.

  • Madman

    Thanks Uila…yes Coleman is morally and intellectually bankrupt. In a State that requires a recount by law, how is he keeping a straight face? We should all be laughing at him.

  • Jimmy

    Luckily we got some dems in power, so the count should be as fair as possible. While I love Franken and hope he wins, I can’t help but point out how he folded after the 2004 election when more fearless radio hosts like Mike Malloy or Randi Rhodes were screaming foul about Ohio. How’s it feel now Al? A little bit like Liam the Loose Boweled Leprochan?

  • Pinky

    Yeah I took those attacks on Liam quite personally. It was a time when my son was going through some serious milk allergies and was filling up his diaper with doo-doo butter on a regular basis. But I still love Al. Lies and the Lying Liars is a classic…especially the chapter about the Bush administration’s negligence leading up to 9/11. Here’s a great excerpt from the chapter “Operation Ignore”.

  • Madman

    Agreed Jimmy R, right on. Nothing pisses me off more than the spineless folding after 2004 when Blackwell’s shenanigans were so blatant and in plain view…fast forward to now and the Coleman creatures are on the attack, both legal and political, against MN and they haven’t done anything that remotely resembles the Ohio chicanery.