The Normal and the Strange


normal and the strange

c                                       g

how many billion dollars goes to listening to all our phone calls

f                                                                              d7

and that machine at the airport taking a picture of my balls
g                                                                      f
and that rocket launcher drone machine, how about that fighter jet?
f                                             g                                       c
Yet the weakest among us, they say we can’t afford to help them yet.
amin                                           g
Its a shame that the world is full of hypocrites,
f                                              c g
Money is always the at the root of it,
And I hope that one day before I die I see the change,
f                                                           g                    c
to country where we welcome both the normal and the strange,
f                                         d7
UNtil then we’ll be divided, and thats why I’ve decided,
c                                                         g
I have just the thing that will make us all united.
f                                                c
Lets legalize weed, maybe then we’ll see,
lets pass the joint around and spread the unity,
F                                     c
Tax and regulate, thats what we need,
d7                                                              g
And its certainly guaranteed to increase the GDP.
f                                               c
And I’ll also bet its sure to piss off the GOP,
except for the libertarians