The Israeli Controlled Media

Thankfully, we can see that if you look carefully through the forest of lies, the truth is out there. In the previous post on the slaughter of Palestinians, we discuss the obvious measure of counting the casualties. For even more info, you can read the links in the righteous comments on this post.

As the second frontier, right in the hypocrisy wheelhouse, lets take a critical look at our American Israeli controlled media. Take this yahoo swill for example.

The headline grabs you and makes you think that the Iran government seriously considers supporting suicide bombers. But all you have to do is critically read the article to see that this is not really the case. I guess you need to have really good reading comprehension, and they can rely that most Americans can only catch a soundbite at a time. Because it is clear that the desired effect of the article is to stir up anti-Iran sentiment….and if I had a dime for every time you see the pundits and news people make comments such as this I would be a rich man.

Contrast this with the Arab news.

Funny how the Arabs can get by with simply telling the facts to make their point. Or perhaps all they are doing is giving an unbiased report. Here is the point where the war hawk pundits will say that Arab news is actually terrorist news. Or again with the antisemitism accusations.

All we can do is to keep exposing the hypocrisy. Why is it that Israel leaders think that they are always the victims? Is this the story of the child who was beaten, who grows up to beat their children? Or are the Israelis taking out their aggressions just to feel that they have some power in a chaotic world? Or is it simply the military-media-complex trying to make a buck? Or just another example of people in power who use fear to stay in power? My guess is that the same themes ring true, no matter what country, the same patterns cause this death and doom.