The Hypocrisy of Risk Management

Listening to the snorting pigs on right wing radio, in the wake of the Japan earthquake / tsunami / nuclear meltdown situation, these hypocritical pigs scramble to lay cover for their beloved cash cow, the nuclear energy business.

Heard a fat bozo to remain unnamed saying how all energy comes with risk, oil, coal, natural gas explosions, cave ins, and nuclear is just like any other. The pig man said that whiny liberals want to create a fantasy realm where there are no accidents and we all live in a clean fairy land.

Wait a minute Miss Lippy…when you have a dangerous money making venture you got a responsibility to assess that risk!! You get out there and you clean up your messes!!

No so fast junior. Instead do a fake assessment of risk, make as much money as possible, and lawyer up. Piggo says all energy all has risk….wait a second pighead, how about your precious insurance companies?? You give them the liberty to assess risk all day long, so that in the name of profit, they say some risks, like pre-existing conditions, are just too darn risky.

If Pig-run insurance companies can assess risk and act accordingly, then why can’t we the people do the same? Fossil fuels and nukes are pre-existing conditions, and we should begin to wean ourselves from them, so that those energy sources with less risk, solar, wind, can pay us back a fat profit, which is of course the earth, in one piece. Clean energy is betta, it makes the earth silky and smooth.

Stop looking at me, swan.