The great man

Publius sums up my feelings on the debate, and this election, perfectly:

And so tonight, the great man — having run a small and misguided campaign — was forced to scrape the absolute bottom. Tonight, the great man not only brought up the Ayers nonsense (see Pajamas Media point above), but he actually accused Obama and Ayers of being part of some grand conspiracy to subsidize ACORN. I would call it jumping the shark, but the Fonzie-derived phrase doesn’t do justice to the sheer tragic magnitude of the farce we saw tonight.

The truth is that the great man has nothing to say. It was a campaign constructed upon his own perceived greatness. The issues he noted — earmarks, the surge — had less to do with helping the American people than about illustrating his own morality and greatness.

How poetically fitting, then, that the last days of a campaign premised upon historical greatness are spent hurling frivolous Hannity-style excrement in the midst of two wars and the worst financial crisis in decades. This is what he’s been reduced to — and it’s not pleasant to behold. Or to live through, I would imagine.