The Digital Age: Trolls and Sensitive People

Every now and then I come up with a random rant / moment of clarity. I record it in writing in a five minute fury full of typos and jibberish….this is one of these moments. Lets do it grumpy old man style, with memories of my childhood.

Back in my day as a 3rd grader, just a young lad, if I wanted to tease girl, I would make up a silly rhyme, like “Smelly Kelly” or draw a silly note or picture…nowadays we got the facebook and when some dumbass kid verbally attacks another kid on the internet, it can actually really hurt that kid’s feelings a lot more…just the simple fact of the digital age and that EVERYONE can see it brings a magnitude to the pain. All I am trying to say, we are humans doing the same kind of stuff we have always done, but now we have computers, and somehow everything is magnified.

I was also thinking about how I used to love to make mixed tapes. There was nothing sweeter than the yellow and block boom box I had with the TWO TAPE DECKS!! You could borrow people’s tapes and copy them, there was no talk of copyright. All of the sudden with the advent of computers and the internet, and Napster was rocking out and it became a huge controversy, what a big deal all the sudden.

I will conclude by recommending that we all chill out. If people want to make rude statements on the internet, they only make themselves look bad. The trolls want you to be sensitive, they love that. You are better off to just ignore them.

If people want to copy music, big friggin’ deal! Thats why you make music, so people can listen. You want to sell albums, then start an Indiegogo campaign and start begging like the rest of us.