The Dean has Spoken

Pull the plug!

Yes indeed, this bill is now officially terrible. The obvious outcomes are higher insurance costs for all, millions of people forced to buy overpriced crappy insurance from ‘non profit’ fronts of for profit companies, and millions of pissed off middle class folks that will be forced to buy crappy insurance out of their own pocket. I’m fine with paying higher taxes to expand medicaid and/or medicare, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to support an insurance company giveaway.

Congratulations pussies. You’ve gobbled up all the poison pills they fed you.
I heard Mitch McConnell describe the trajectory of public support for ‘Obama’s’ healthcare plan…it peaked in the late summer/early fall and is now tanking. I guess he didn’t notice that the decline also coincided with all the compromises to the conservatives’ crappy ideas?

I nominate Dean for Hero of the Week for standing up to this shit. Please tell me I’m missing something…

  • M.Uila


    Thanks for posting this. I second the nomination for Hero of the Week, so that makes it official. The spitting mad reaction to his comments has been amusing to me. As if Dean’s criticism is somehow worse than Lieberman’s or Nelson’s slow sabotage. The way I see it, it’s all part of the legislative dance. If no one on the left lays down a marker, the bill keeps getting worse and worse.

    They are absolutely going to pass a bill. It’s inconceivable that 59 Dems end up passing nothing at all. They would be ridiculed as worthless and incompetent and it would be politically worse than a bad bill, despite Dean’s objection.

    That said, the Senate bill is a massive disappointment. It’s no mistake that the schism on the left is driven by those like Dean and Kos who are primarily concerned with winning elections. The optics of the senate bill are crap. I get that mandates help bring overall costs down, but christ it sure seems like you’re forcing broke-ass people to buy a reverse lottery ticket in order to benefit everyone else (mostly Big Insurance).

    Why is everything in this country done on the backs of the least fortunate? Big business never takes a haircut, ever. When 2009 started, I thought sure some powerful interest would get their comeuppance, and here we are late December and all you can say is Blackwater lost some minor CIA contracts.

    Whatever, I don’t really know the particulars of the bill. Maybe it gets better in conference?? I’ve definitely disengaged emotionally from this effort, and now it’s just a matter of hoping they don’t manage to put the Republicans back into power. It’s all so sad…

  • M.Uila

    As usual, Digby says what I want to say, only so much better:

    Obama can say that you’re getting a lot, but also saying that it “covers everyone,” as if there’s a big new benefit is a big stretch. Nothing will have changed on that count except changing the law to force people to buy private insurance if they don’t get it from their employer. I guess you can call that progressive, but that doesn’t make it so. In fact, mandating that all people pay money to a private interest isn’t even conservative, free market or otherwise. It’s some kind of weird corporatism that’s very hard to square with the common good philosophy that Democrats supposedly espouse.

    Nobody’s “getting covered” here. After all, people are already “free” to buy private insurance and one must assume they have reasons for not doing it already. Whether those reasons are good or bad won’t make a difference when they are suddenly forced to write big checks to Aetna or Blue Cross that they previously had decided they couldn’t or didn’t want to write. Indeed, it actually looks like the worst caricature of liberals: taking people’s money against their will, saying it’s for their own good.

  • Madman

    Exactly. It is political poison! While I respect Paul’s take about the ‘good’, I disagree completely…nobody, literally nobody, will like the outcome of this bill.

    I’m going to take Uila’s lead and move off of this topic…it is stale and depressing. Financial reform is probably more important and is getting less attention…

  • M.Uila

    Here’s another good take on the toxicity of the mandate without a public option: Health Care on the Road to Neo-Feudalism.

    Any time I see an article with Neo-Feudalism in the title, it’s pretty much guaranteed I’m going to like it.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Dean says kill it then kill it. Scarborough you snide sack of shit bastard…”what do you think about people who say you are crazy?” dean ahndled it smoothly. he is ready to put up a fight.

    remember the bill hasn’t been reconciled yet…the drama has only just begun!!