The Cost of Maintaining the Reefer Madness Lie

Just wanted to again point out the utter hypocrisy of a government that chooses to outlaw a beneficial plant. Meanwhile more and more people who use this plant for its beneficial effects are treated as goofballs at best and criminals in the more ignorant places in the country, in other words other places than Maine, California, Massachusetts, Colorado, and the rest of the states who have adopted a more reasonable approach. But even these states have not gone far enough. We have a closet society that has now come close to outnumbering the drunks who run amok in our midst. This article explains the money that we could save by instead of criminalizing, simply regulating the use of reefer in America.

a simple and logical argument

In this economic crisis couldn’t we use our money in more prudent ways than busting pot smokers, and reap the benefits of a reefer tax in one fell swoop? Until then, Obama and the rest of the government are guilty of hypocrisy, because I know for a fact that Obama enjoyed the reef, because it is in his book for crying out loud.

  • M.Uila

    Here is a related post that was up on KOS yesterday. California’s economic meltdown is definitely a microcosm of America, so they’re worth keeping an eye on.

    Marijuana Policy Has Helped to Doom California

    Furloughs for some state workers. Pink slips for others. Mass release of inmates. A whopping budget deficit that seems insurmountable. All the elements to create a vicious cycle, even with federal intervention. There are many reasons for why California is in the poor shape that it is. That goes for many states. Yet the problems of California seem especially daunting. While there is no single reason for why this is, there is one reason that has largely remained out of the economic debate but is quietly cropping up everywhere. I speak, of course, of marijuana.