The American Taliban

The American Taliban is at it again. They burnt down a topless coffee shop in a small town in Northern Maine.

They have been responsible for countless acts of violence in addition to the recent dramatic murder at a church ceremony. Interesting to go through the list of these acts of violence on wiki, and see how many occur in the U.S. compared to other countries.

I can only assume that there is something uniquely special about America’s ability to produce these sorts of terrorist groups. These groups openly proclaim their support of terrorist acts. Why? I guess the common thread between the burning of a topless coffee shop and the anti-choice crowd, is a deep seeded fear that some people out there may be enjoying sex. Somehow in America we have simultaneously developed the ability to develop a very slutty and sexually promiscuous and all around perverted group of folks, along with a group of folks who probably don’t even know how to operate the clitoris. And somewhere in the middle are folks like me, who could appreciate a topless coffee shop, and at the same time maintain a healthy and sex life with my wife…as long as I can stay out of the dog house…but I digress.

The point is these morons are scared shitless of people, especially women, enjoying sex, and they are usually the same freaks trying to get it on in the airport bathroom with some hot and heavy foot-tapping. I really hate these stupid hypocrites.

At least we can hope that their violent stupidity will backfire. All it took was a tent and a generator and the coffee shop is back up and running. I am looking into how to donate money to this coffee and titty operation. With coffee and titties, I believe we can change the world for the better.

  • M.Uila


    Sorry to neglect this post. Blame it on post-Phish malaise. The story is a bummer, but I’m glad dude is not giving up on titties. Also nice to see the community rally around titties. Isn’t it funny how the terrorists end up humanizing and legitimizing their targets.

    In regards to the American Taliban, allow me to recommend this very interesting post which I threw into the sidebar yesterday:

    Here at STSOZ we’ve discussed and diagnosed the differences between the Movement, its various strands and ‘Republicans” since 2004. The Movement is the controlling parasite astride its enfeebled Republican host. The Movement’s reaction to Obama’s victory only underscores the point.

    Seemingly bright ‘mainstream media’ still do not understand the dichotomy. Or its implications. They still treat ‘Republicans’ and Democrats as equivalent political actors playing the same game by the same rules for the same prizes. As long as relative neophytes view politics in this prism, the Movement wins.

    What we here at STSOZ call the Movement within the conservative base always plays a different game for a different prize. The Movement may speak in normal political talking points from ‘Republican’ institutions. Yet is is not committed to Dahl-esque pluralistic politics. It has has never sought compromise or ‘moderation’. That’s because for the Movement, politics is existential warfare. Compromise is defeat.

    Read the whole thing. It’s scary how much sense this guy makes.

  • M.Uila

    Here’s another inspiring story of proud Americans out on the front lines, defending the homeland, murdering the families of Mexican drug dealers, stealing their money, and selling their drugs to finance their Minuteman/Aryan Nation militias. Good times in the border states!

  • Boz Scaggs

    Interesting articles uila. Getting to the core of what makes people like this tick, or become what htey are is the mystery, and boiling it down to sexual repression, fear of the unknown, thats the fabric of society that germinates these freaks. Thats the fertile soil. If there was a strong effort to promote acceptance of all races and religions, combined with an more realistic and relaxed attitude towards sex, I don’t think these folks would even exist in the first place. It is sort of like the republican party has been the enabler for all these years, telling these people what they want to hear and building up their own self-righteousness.

    If you want to be self-righteous about something, of course, HYPOCRISY is where to start!