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Chris Rosen Movie Picks on the Majority Report

I’ll be posting this one every week. I did the friggin’ theme song! It sets the tone for the weekly Sam Seder Chris Rosen bit. Sammy give Chris a hard time for sitting around watching movies all day oblivious to the real concerns of the world. Sammy once called it “beating the dog”. This week the dog bites back by not watching Sammy’s movie “Who’s the Caboose?”.

Jimmy vs. Madman on the Obama Tax Cut Compromise

The debate was going well for Madman…Jimmy sounds like he had a couple more drinks into him and struggles for a while….but near the end Jimmy breaks into an Adam Sandleresque tirade on what the tea party patriots would have done if the Bush tax cuts were allowed to completely expire….game, set, match, Jimmy. What do you think?

well, let us know! if you haven’t already voted, then please do – see the poll? JUST DO IT! choose wisely.

Jimmy vs Madman 96br

blast from the past

Jack Assbeck says:

nothing like the smell of poo to wake the the old ATH. its like smelling salts to the qb who is knocked out. works everytime. like a rat needs cheese, ATH needs the butt cheese. like a moth to a flame, ATH wants to set that fart on fire. i love it.



Allrighty, in an effort to make things right with Google, I went through all the ATH comments, there were some spammage in there which could have been causing the hub bub.  Also, I upgraded the wordpress, and had to change the theme, sorry about the sidebar devastation that this caused….But I think we can rebuild these sidebars even better this time….have at it, editors, Uila, I am talking to you…