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Why Freedom of Speech is Important

In this era of Trump and right-wing extremism those that feel empowered to stand for their values seek to affect a positive change in the world. We all have a definition of what that is and, some of us agree and some of don’t. In their wisdom the founding fathers established the first amendment to enshrine free speech and the freedom of the press as the vanguard of liberty and justice. Though George Washington had issues with the press and, Thomas Jefferson encouraged James Madison to “…take up your pen, select the most striking heresies , and cut him to pieces in the face of the public.” against Alexander Hamilton and his Federalist; the founding fathers were not as amiable as we were led to believe. As early as 1797 John Adams and the Federalists controlled Congress, they believed they were the government and that no one should publicly criticize them (sound familiar?), and so, events led them in 1798 to pass a series of laws one of them being the Sedition Act; it’s provisions directly aimed at those who spoke out against the Federalist. Washington would go on to say (and I like this quote) “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

Fredrick Douglas said “Power concedes nothing without a struggle.” and as John Lewis said “The press is supposed to serve as a check on the government.” Right now we are seeing an attack on the public’s access to broadcasting forums such as, Net Neutrality, communities lack print access for individual opinions, and with 51% of Americans claiming the television as their primary source for news and information the attack on local public access television continues. Whatever the role looks like, writer, singer, director, blogger, or vlogger, free speech is the material to a social-evolution.

Some developers of alternative media beg the question ‘Should critics cause discourse or only comment and inform us of it?’ I don’t think it matters. Artists have challenged our social norms, and this continues to today. Leo Tolstoy said “Art is a human activity consisting in this, that one man consciously by means of certain external signs, hands on to others feelings he has lived through…”. Developers wether they are bloggers, bloggers, and etc. are communicating their human experiences, in the times we are living in we should learn to listen and find merits that can lift us all to greater plateaus.

Whistle-blower Julian Assange is quoted “What annoys me the most is when people abuse their power and abuse innocents.” his goal, bring down the firewall between the Neo-liberal power and ordinary people. He currently has asylum at Ecuadorian embassy in London, self-imprisonment without being able to explore the city. President John F. Kennedy would defend this struggle by saying “Our press was protected by the First Amendment…to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion.”

Developers should not have to adhere to a sense of commercialism, industrialism, activism or advocacy. The purpose of communication is to represent thoughts, feelings, opinions. We may not always like what people have to say or how they say it but, at the end of the day, we should appreciate that those things can be said. In a different parts of the world, and in different time periods the right of freedom of speech was a luxury given to the few. Today tolerance (and patience) will get us much further to attaining that “more perfect union” the founding fathers wrote of.


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For Christ sake you can’t even spell “SERF” right?

Sammy really shit the bed on this one. While I appreciate the air time, Sammy’s reviews are sometimes way worse than Chris Rosen’s movie reviews. Gotta say, the Screamer’s are great, and I’m glad Sammy enjoys their stuff, but why play this juvenile game….I know in my heart that Serf City is an all time classic.

I didn’t tag this with the comedy category because I thought Sammy was funny. It is because it is funny to laugh at his unappreciative attitude. What an MASSHOLE!!

Jimmy Reefercake & Screaming Majority’s Songs and the Scoop on Cenk’s Departure from MSNBC

I would have liked to hear Sammy elaborate more on the lyrics of police state…but he had a big day, here is his interview with Cenk from the Young Turks.

We got to thank Cenk for bringing us the proof on the story that most of the readers here already know – MSNBC is a whorehouse for the democrat establishment.

Reefer Madness

This is the song…damn I was sweating this morning putting that lead on!! …yeah, it sounds pretty darn good, thanks for the good review from Sam Seder “get your dick HAAAAHHD” at http://majority.fm/ I need to listen to the whole show tonight, you all go and get yourself the podcast, ya hear!! … the post show sammy talks about the latest in pot stories, namely it sounds like this bitch is heading to court. the PEOPLE”S COURT!!!

Totally insane, totally free download, right here!


Jackass in Texas

GOOOOOOOAL!!!! Another win for team REEFERCAKE or is it MAJORITYCAKE either way, I gotta say, the song friggin’ rocks. Look at the comments and have a listen to the show at majority.fm

Here is the totally free totally insane MP3 download
jackass in texas

side bar- maybe the next poll could be whether to change my name to Jimmy Majoritycake, just plain Jimmy Majority, or should I stay with the good old fashioned and reliable Jimmy Reefercake.

Fireworks and beer anyone? USA! USA! USA!

Twitter Your Weiner

Come on boys and girls, “Twitter Your Weiner” its the latest new craze. All the kids are way into it and there is a far out dance that goes along with it. The boys do the dance, pulsate the groin while simulating taking a picture of your crotch. Do the dance! But don’t take off the clothes. We at all the hypocrisy dot com wouldn’t promote such behavior. Keep that one eyed monster in the sweatpants! Here is the free MP3 download of the song!
Twitter your Weiner (1)

Would I have ruthlessly mocked Anthony Weiner for twittering his wiener, regardless of the lack of balls for his stance on Marijuana? Probably. I still don’t think he should be forced to resign. However, he should be forced to twitter a picture of himself to us all in diapers as a tribute to Dave Vitter.

Double Shot Friday at Majority.fm “Medicare Can” and “Penis in His Pants”

It was a banner week, showcasing 2, thats right, TWO, new songs of the week on majority.fm and here is the permalink to the show so you can hear the high praise from Sammy crew and listeners. Hell, make that a triple shot because the Majority Screamers chipped in with another hilarious and catchy diddy. You can listen to the show, its good stuff.

And so as not to be outdone by the business insider, or I should say courtesy of the business insider, here is a link to the picture of the weiner in question. Is that a dick in those sweatpants or are you just happy to see me? Anthony Weiner that bulge in your pants is riDICKulous!

And as always, here are the totally free totally insane mp3s for you listening please.

medicare can

Penis in his pants-mono

Sam Seder: Unbought, Unbossed, but Quite Bossy

I guess my Obama got Osama song got a lot of hits, because all the sudden Sam Seder wants to stay on top of my every move.
Looks like he wants the exclusive release on majority.fm every Friday all to himself.

Here is a more comprehensive list of his demands and critiques:

Sam did not appreciate the repeat on the Obama got Osama lyrical theme and recycled baseline.
My response: Obama’s assassination of Osama was repeatedly referred to on the Majority Report during this same week. Also, keep in mind that I am given only 60 seconds each week, so I feel it is reasonable to stretch out the song over a few weeks. Later on I will be able to create full songs by combining weeks and adding a bridge here or there.

Sam wants the song to be a “roundup of the week in news”
My response: I prefer to think of the song as more of a weekly conversation about the news but also about life in general. The end product will be more creative, and less of a nerdy exercise in summarizing a bunch of shit. I say shit because I think that most of the news is shit, and what we need more is a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the people and processes that drive our decisions. Thats one of the big problems with our instant news culture, we don’t step back and see the big picture.

Sam suggested I stop “hitting the bong”.
I misheard this when I was on the phone with him at the golf course. I thought he said I was going to be “hit with a bomb”, if my song from next week was not up to his standard…or something about my song bombing. This is the kind of fear that Sam imposes on his underlings (kidding)…but as far as the bong, those things get so dirty, haven’t used one for years (true)…

The final question is this….will Jimmy Reefercake be turned into Jimmy Rosencake, succumbing to the will of Sam’s iron fist, or will Jimmy take the path less traveled by speaking truth to power!? On a related note…will Sam offer anything in return for this exclusive release?

Here is the clip of Sam talking about the controversy with Chris Rosen from @42inchtv

You better tune in and twitter up @majorityfm and @JimmyReefercake