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Compare and Contrast



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Uila Update:

How stupid are these people??

Keep in mind, that guy is the ranking Republican member on the House Energy and Commerce Committee – in other words, the head schmuck.  Meanwhile, the governor of Mississippi is lamenting that the escrow account – intended to help his victimized citizens – would be better spent on… more drilling.  Needless to say, both these guys are neck deep in oil money.  Everyone else is just neck deep in oil.

BP: Beach Police

Everybody needs to read this dispatch from Mother Jones about BP and the beaches.

Welcome to your future, America. Poor people continuously raking the same patch of sand into bags for $10 an hour… not so much to clean the beach as to salvage the oil.

BP needs to be taken down.  It might be time to promote this guy to Secretary of the Interior, so that he can implement his plan to nuke the leak shut. I’m beginning to come around… all the response actions thus far have been about preserving BP’s fucking investment, damn the environmental consequences.  It’s an outrage.

Drill Baby Drill = Spill Baby Spill

More things we know to be true. So true that I shouldn’t have to even write this…but I will anyway.

This is the result

The result of the amazing greed and stupidity with these assholes

Obama, how about a return to form, and a good ald fashion ass-whooping on these backward dumb ass sons of bitches?

Also, BP pays for the cleanup. Big fucking deal. DO they pay for the devastation? Hopefully Bobby Kennedy and crew will fuck their shit up.

BP, with your cute little green cartoons and songs, piss off, you fucking assholes!! I want a BP mocking cartoon on youtube and I want it now!!!! This will have to do for now…