Stimulating themselves since 1865

Since Lincoln died, the Republicans have been supporting stim-u-lie packages. The latest installment, from a week ago (please feel free to laugh when you see the pie chart)

Pie chart 101: when the slice is so small it can’t be seen by the naked eye, switch to a bar chart.

Paraphrasing the Republican plan to bring us out of recession:
Out of work? Nothing a check for a couple grand can’t fix. If we could only cut more taxes, eventually we’d create enough economic bubbles, we could attach them to our house and float away to our happy place. If you don’t pay income tax, you’re pretty lucky! I wish I were in your shoes, except for the part about making less than $30k per year (or nothing at all right now). If we reduce payroll taxes, we’d create a ton of new jobs making green visors for this guy:

C’mon! Really, with a payroll tax reduction we’re going to be able to keep people employed?

The question we need to be asking the Republicans, how can tax cuts help us when we are running a $50 to $60 billion dollar per month trade deficit? Will that bring back US manufacturing? Protectionist clauses are not the answer either. How about building things here at home that will help us rebuild the support systems we need to be competitive, and taking the burden of health care off our companies? I know ‘this one’ gets it:

2/7/09: Your Weekly Address from White House on Vimeo.

If you haven’t already, call or write your senators folks, this thing is too important to let the Republicans fuck it up again.