Sowing the Seeds of War

The whole thing is sketchy and its always the way when evil events are used as excuses for more violence. I am sickened by the media and how deft they are at justifications for war. But that’s what they do constantly in sowing the seeds for hatred of other nations.

As a side note, I will go out on a limb and say that rich corporate influences were behind this latest horrible chemical weapons attack.

It has been determined by the powers that be that Syria is ripe for war. War is hell for most, but if you are in the business, this is the summer harvest. Obama was the voice of reason against invading Iraq. He was supposed to be level headed. Will he listen to the war mongers or will he fulfill the one reason that I felt he could be better than the other choices? 

Hypocrisy is known in many languages across the world. After littering the country of Iraq with dead bodies and spent uranium in our war crimes, how ironic and hypocritical is it for the United States to be the police with regard to war crimes? The hypocrisy really is stunning.