so i love keith and ag school rocks!

when i was at that shiny ivy leaque school, i remember walking 9 miles to this so called ‘state’ part of our school to get my ass kicked by an organic chemistry professor- not sure what part of stating ‘state’ makes anything easier…shit! anne is a hag, really. 

  • lookie lookie

    and we are in the tourney again!! hooray!!

  • M.Uila

    Hag is right. I’m more than a little disgusted to know she’s an alum. Is that patch supposed to make her look like Kill Bill?

  • Pinko

    I knew that ugly mug looked familiar! She was the transvestite that used to walk up and down State St and scare the hell out of us when I we went to the Commons for a taco fix.

    All hail the ABEN! What other major would give you the flexibility to take Wines, Magical mushrooms and mischievous molds, and Gamelan all in the same semester?


    i had her pegged as one of the cape wearing freaks- but pinko, i think you may be right!