Shovel Ready

This story took place in Reefercake’s backyard. There is heavy traffic on this road and absolutely no shoulder, and kids are jumping off of it all summer long. Suprise, suprise, a kid got hit and is critical condition.

Something needs to be done, ie pedestrian bridge, and some of that stimulus money would do the trick. But this concept of shovel ready, is complete bullcrap, and that is probably why we hear that a lot of the money isn’t being spent as quickly as we would like…WTF is shovel ready, but a made up term? I guess the point being that we don’t want to do anything that requires planning or thought or design, we wouldn’t want to use our brains, we just want to send a bunch of guys out with shovels and “have at it!” Classic conservative anti-intellectual bullshit.

Reefercake is making a vow to get something done here, before my son reaches puberty…so we should be breaking ground on this one in 2015.

  • Pinko

    The chief traffic cop and traffic engineer in our town are buffoons. Even if they received federal stimulus funds, they still wouldn’t put up a couple of necessary stop signs on my road. I think more scrutiny is needed for the prioritizing of these projects.

    Anyhow, the title of your post brings me back to that old Bob Marley tune…Rock Steady, Shovel Ready

  • Jimmy Reefercake