Same Old Crap Podcast- Angus King Flippitty and Reefer Madness

Angus King is Mr. Popularity up here in Maine, but the man is clueless about the tax code and he blames reefer madness for alcoholism. Angus King is plain foolish on these important issues, but I will still need to vote for him to avoid helping that handsome stuffed shirt republican, Charlie Summers.

Here is a link to the Pulse Morning Show Podcast and here is a link to the king of progressive talk, Thom Hartmann. Please check out their shows and support the awesome work that they do. Thom absolutely nailed it by saying exactly what I have been saying about gay marriage and Obama…..and how the same thing can work with medical marijuana and Obama. Come on, Obama, have some courage.

2012-10-17 soc podcast reefer madness