Same Old Crap- Get High Again, Mr. President

I think the frustration level just maxed out for me this week when I started thinking about Obama and his wicked awesome pot smoking days. Its the same old crap, and it makes me wonder if anything I do in the arena of entertainment will ever amount to anything more than a heaping pile of the same old crap. Which reminds to make a plea to please buy my album on itunes and put some wind in my limp sails. That’s right Dick Vinegar, I said limp. And if you don’t want to buy the whole album, at least buy a song or two. I’d say “Twitter your Weiner” and “Mitt Romney Got a Lobotomy”.

Here is what I have learned. The promise of the internet is largely being wasted. Its been sucked up by the facebooks and the twitters and drowned out and watered down so that we are practically at square one again. One reason is that there are so many who are in the same boat as me, trying to make a little money to justify the time that they put in. We are not greedy, but our numbers are high, and I think that makes it hard for anyone to pull the trigger to support anyone else. But we all pay our cable bill, and support the shit that they pump into our households. Actually, I removed that bit of hypocrisy from my lifestyle, so long live netflix, and I’ll deal with the occasionally shitty reception from my digital antenna.

Has the internet made people more knowledgable about the problems we face? Maybe. But the knowledge is quickly neutralized by the lack of results, which translates into a lack of motivation.

I am realizing it might be better to do nothing than to try to make all the hypocrisy live up to its promise. In any case, I am looking to breath some life into this piece of shit website. At least, help me bring back the glory days of this post.