Sam Seder: Unbought, Unbossed, but Quite Bossy

I guess my Obama got Osama song got a lot of hits, because all the sudden Sam Seder wants to stay on top of my every move.
Looks like he wants the exclusive release on every Friday all to himself.

Here is a more comprehensive list of his demands and critiques:

Sam did not appreciate the repeat on the Obama got Osama lyrical theme and recycled baseline.
My response: Obama’s assassination of Osama was repeatedly referred to on the Majority Report during this same week. Also, keep in mind that I am given only 60 seconds each week, so I feel it is reasonable to stretch out the song over a few weeks. Later on I will be able to create full songs by combining weeks and adding a bridge here or there.

Sam wants the song to be a “roundup of the week in news”
My response: I prefer to think of the song as more of a weekly conversation about the news but also about life in general. The end product will be more creative, and less of a nerdy exercise in summarizing a bunch of shit. I say shit because I think that most of the news is shit, and what we need more is a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the people and processes that drive our decisions. Thats one of the big problems with our instant news culture, we don’t step back and see the big picture.

Sam suggested I stop “hitting the bong”.
I misheard this when I was on the phone with him at the golf course. I thought he said I was going to be “hit with a bomb”, if my song from next week was not up to his standard…or something about my song bombing. This is the kind of fear that Sam imposes on his underlings (kidding)…but as far as the bong, those things get so dirty, haven’t used one for years (true)…

The final question is this….will Jimmy Reefercake be turned into Jimmy Rosencake, succumbing to the will of Sam’s iron fist, or will Jimmy take the path less traveled by speaking truth to power!? On a related note…will Sam offer anything in return for this exclusive release?

Here is the clip of Sam talking about the controversy with Chris Rosen from @42inchtv

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