Rise of the Bots Part 1 and 2 with Kyunon

Rise of the Bots Part 1
dj q’anon got beats,
twitter machine is where meet,
I need robots to compete
Professa RC will complete,
set the bot up on repeat
get the likes and retweets,
attention whore is the program
wanna be bigger than linsday lohan,

robot dreams, robot dreams, the robot is not what it seems
is it bot or human being? you can’t tell what you are seeing.

for real you know I’m a gangster, see, with patented secret technology
a bot that slides right on up in your DMs, and pretends that your’re friends,
but stray from the approved facts and the reefertron 420 attacks
a tweet every 4 minutes and 20 seconds, they all get taught a robot lesson
with the bots that I got the show never stops, and you’ll never know if they are real or not.
Blame the russians, the FBI, the DNC, but the number 1 bot man will always be me
(news clip voices)

Rise of the Bots Part 2
(news clip voices)
Robot Creed
On my feed
gonna lead
give you what you need

what you think?
RC inc
shit don’t stink
gotta drum major instinct,

put it on repeat again,
you too can become a first class citizen
vote for me and you can put the chip in,
all you got to do is let me put the chip in,
the enhancer
give you the answer
to the cancer
that is human kind
Google search and you shall find
its alive, its alive
second class kind, out of time
first class kind, toe the line,
fucking right, out of time.
Control of the human mind.
(maniacal laughter)

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